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Thursday, November 15th, 2012

I have a relative in her 80’s. We had a chance to talk for an hour the other day. She
was totally amazed by some of my (restaurant) stories and I with her’s.

  • She had never operated a business
  • She had never hired or fired anyone
  • She never had to make a bottom or top line shine
  • She never crawled under an ice machine
  • She never unplugged a public toilet
  • College was her 5th option
  • She had never stopped a bar fight
  • “86’d” was never in her vocabulary
  • “You-bet-your-boots” has never been in my vocabulary
  • I have never gone to night school while working a full-time job
  • I have never served as a nurse
  • I have never raised livestock nor brought it to market
  • I have never shot a coyote
  • I didn’t have to continue anything after my husband died
  • My children have not all graduated from college
  • My house is not completely paid for

In my job, I have met thousands, upon thousands of people and maybe 15 would come to my funeral – she has met a few hundred in her life. I’ll bet, if they could, all of them would come to her’s…

As a leader, your job is and always will be building bridges to the shared time. Never underestimate the available resource of different
life experiences.

As a manager, your job consists of a multitude of dull, mundane routines, but there is admirable beauty in the brick-by-brick building of confidence and excellence – Never underestimate the proven outsized rewards of determination and diligence.

As a human, your life is made easier if you can connect the spirit of any work at hand – to the indomitable spirit of humankind.