37 Things Hospitality and Food Service Managers Need to Know

June 29th 2010

From Chase’s FOHBOH.com  Blog:

So, you want to run a hospitality (restaurant – bar –other) operation. If you think you had a full plate at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner, wait until you see what they are going to be plopping on your plate now. The following is not a top ten list; in fact, it is a random start to a never ending list of things you might want to learn before you need ‘em. Consider this a heads-up/FYI/word to the wise.

  1. How to obtain/maintain good mental and physical health and a semi-sunny disposition
  2. How to speak confidently in front of a group of people
  3. How to take valid criticism without becoming overly defensive or overreacting
  4. How to memorize names and other people’s personal minutia
  5. How all the food on your menu should look and taste, if plated and prepared properly
  6. How to take an efficient and accurate inventory
  7. How to calculate food and beverage cost percentages without a computer or calculator
  8. How to price menu items to yield a gross percentage target
  9. How to standardize and “cost out” food and beverage recipes
  10. How to rank menu items onto a sales contribution continuum
  11. How to “teach” a P&L
  12. How to “check in” or receive a product delivery
  13. How to systemize “label, date, and rotate”
  14. What the proper “shelf life” is of your products
  15. How to memorize your monthly budget targets and actualize budgets on a hourly basis
  16. The feel it “in your bones” definitions of  store blind, guest eyes, blown-away-by-the-experience, and illegal harassment of any kind
  17. The backup plan for when you (or somebody else) locks the keys in the office
  18. How to catch someone stealing from you
  19. How to calibrate a thermometer
  20. Cooking temperature safety zones
  21. How to do a meaningful “line check”
  22. How to work a position on the line and not drag the kitchen down
  23. How to speak Spanish or the predominate local kitchen language
  24. What to do if the POS crashes
  25. What to do if your glycol compressor fails
  26. Who to call if the walk-in cooler dies
  27. Who to call if the HVAC “no workie”
  28. The number of a plumber who works at night
  29. What a tip credit is (or any other available government-related job credits)
  30. Why it is better to say “heart of the house” than “back of the house”
  31. How to notice a light bulb is burned out inside your place…without looking up
  32. How to maintain clean restrooms that smell nice
  33. How to run a frequent visitor, birthday, gift card, and business card database/program
  34. How to write a sincere letter of apology
  35. How to “smell the smoke” and respond immediately rather than waiting to “see the fire” (literally and figuratively)
  36. How to get everyone working for you on “the same page” with daily, weekly, and monthly specials, sales goals, and system improvement focus
  37. Whether your tribe has all the proper tools to do the jobs you need them to do

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