Endorsements for High Impact Hospitality: Upgrade Your Purpose, Performance, and Profits

“Chase LeBlanc is a veteran of the restaurant management industry and really knows what he’s talking about. His expert advice will kick start your journey toward improving your value as a manager. High Impact Hospitality is a fresh and enjoyable read.”

Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

“This book presents real world lessons, real world experiences, and a real world attitude about the restaurant business that should save many managers and manager-wannabees decades in on-the-job education. A wide-ranging view of the restaurant industry and what it takes to succeed in its most critical link: manager. From there Mr. LeBlanc teaches what separates an everyday manager from a leader, and how to achieve the coveted role of leadager. High-Impact Hospitality will shorten your learning curve, lessen your pain, and propel you into a high-impact career in one of the most rewarding and demanding industries possible: the restaurant industry.”

Lane Cardwell, President, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Inc.

“This book speaks to managers and leaders on multiple levels. There are lessons for the entry- level manager just getting his or her feet wet and for GM’s, in addition to platforms for Training and HR professionals to give their programs some real world context. This is all done in a fun, snide, conversational tone that you find on the frontlines of our business. Pick it up, it’s worth the read.”

Ted Williams, SVP Human Resources, Rock Bottom Restaurants

“It is with great inspiration that I write this. This book, High Impact Hospitality, has given me helpful tools to assist in the continued training of my management staff as well as in my own growth as an owner and manager of a well known restaurant. Chase LeBlanc has made this otherwise boring topic interesting, inventive and entertaining. Finally, a book written by someone who has owned the topic!”

Vincent Francoual, Le Grand Fromage, Vincent A Restaurant, Nicollet Mall | Minneapolis | Minnesota

“This is a must read for anyone in the hospitality business. Each page is chock-full of simple, often-overlooked, and yet profound ideas and strategies for thriving in the most challenging of all industries. LeBlanc isn’t an academic — he’s an in-the-trenches expert with a lifetime of rich hospitality experiences to draw on. Don’t read this book, devour it, and refer to it often.”

Eric Chester, President & CEO of Generation Why, Inc., and Author of Getting Them to Give a Damn; How to Get Your Front Line to Care About Your Bottom Line.

“I loved this book! A common sense approach to business and entrepreneurship. Easy reading and inspirational. There is a proliferation of other business books, but I highly recommend this one.”

Steven Schussler, Chairman, Schussler Creative, Inc.; entrepreneur; themed-restaurant guru and creative force behind Rain Forest Café, TRexTM at Downtown Disney; R, Yak and Yeti TM at Disney’s Animal Kingdom R, Orlando, FL

“Leadership and management skills for the masses!!! A well-written, straightforward and useful business management tool for the everyday manager who wants to excel and become a great leader. Written in real language, using everyday, gritty examples that transcend the food industry. Every business manager, business owner and business executive, regardless of their industry, should read it.”

Gennaro DeSantis, CFO, Il Mondo Vecchio – Artisanal Salumi

More Reviews:

“This book really is a little treasure! I love the combination of great practical advice and real insights that could only come from extensive experience in the hospitality sector. Chase LeBlanc has produced a small book that is absolutely packed with gems. It’s a great read and really ought to be read by anyone in any kind of business who aims to succeed.”
– Derek Williams

“Chase LeBlanc tells it like it is and offers great insight into the industry, but what sets this book apart from others is its exceedingly practical instruction. LeBlanc is an entertaining storyteller, succinctly detailing the necessary skills to be a “leadager”. His clarity of concept and his wealth of real, hands-on personal experience make this a MUST read for industry managers and leaders at all levels. LeBlanc says, “To become a successful leadager, you must become a master of motivation, a dedicated “delegator,” and a monster about follow-up and follow-through.” Elegantly simple and oh-so-true! If only I could find and hire these leadagers! High Impact Hospitality is a quick, fun and immediately useful read!”
– Wendy Harkness

“High Impact Hospitality is more than just a practical reference for today’s restaurant managers. It’s a rally cry for authentic leadership, and a wake up call to those who are lost in their job description. As an industry professional, I know that managers who lead with a combination of operational and emotional intelligence bring tremendous value to a restaurant. Understanding how to balance people and process, that is the definition of a Leadager. Chase LeBlanc has written the first of what I hope will become a series on how to cultivate this new breed of restaurant rock stars.”
– Michael Biesemeyer

“High-Impact Hospitality is not only written by a veteran operations executive, but it is one of the most entertaining books that have ever been written for the industry. Clearly, the author, Chase LeBlanc, knows his audience and how to capture and maintain their attention. Humorous, irreverant at times, and packed with real-world insights and tales, this is precisely a management book that carries with it the powerful potential to change the career of a young hospitality manager, or revitalize and remotivate the career of what the author refers to as “grizzled veterans.” Believe me when I tell you that there are a lot of grizzled hospitality management veterans out there who could develop a much better group of managers if they read this book, and once again reacquainted themselves with what new managers require developmentally. In my estimation, service is at an all-time low — this despite all of the supposed industry experts, consultants, and big-company training programs out there that profess to “know what’s best from a customer service and training/development perspective.” The concept of creating a new breed of “Leadagers” — individuals who from the get-go have the personal and professional training needed for adequate management and leadership development carries with it the potential to be ground-breaking and industry-changing. I highly recommend this book to every owner and/or operator in any/every hospitality/service organization. From the largest chains to independent operators, you should purchase this book for each of your managers. Without a doubt, it will not only enhance, if not awaken their own best leadager abilities, but it will also serve as a guide for them to develop their team, while providing dozens upon dozens of ideas for staff and pre-shift meetings. Not only that, but it will also make you laugh out loud more than once. Use this book to start a staff book club — it’ll surely be your most well-attended meeting. Highly recommended.”
– K. Mills