Need help enlivening and making memorable written copy for your training manuals and seminars, marketing materials, mission statements, or any number of other written materials?

For as long as I can remember, people have come to me for help with words – how to say things better, stronger, more impactful and clever.  I spent a great deal of my younger years “hawking” my Grandfather’s wares at flea-markets.  After years of a successful face-to-face sales apprenticeship — and along the way owning/operating businesses, I am now an author, speaker, columnist and published author.

I have successfully written or “ghosted” copy for myriad organizations and publications, including:

Magazine articles, blogs, business plans, speeches, white papers, training and development materials, marketing campaigns, promotional events, table tents, customer service letters, menus, billboards, radio commercials, performance reviews, status reports, flyers, posters, action plans, strategy maps mission, vision and value statements

My writing can grab attention, enliven and make memorable.  I can “smarten-it-up” or “dampen- it-down.”  I am not an editor.

Whatever you’re trying to say, I can distill it and give your thoughts a spark or sonic boom.  My gift is cooking your words into white lightning.

So that makes me a freelance auteur, ink slinger, scribe, wordsmith, turner of phrases, or your compadre, The Business Script Doctor.

Contact Chase LeBlanc today at 720-269-9537 to learn more.