About Chase LeBlanc – Founder & CEO of Leadagers™ LLC

Chase LeBlanc: Prominent Food and Beverage Management Expert

Founder and CEO | NY Times’ AllExperts  ”Answer Expert” | The “Staffing Doctor” Columnist for “Hotel F&B” Magazine | Columnist for Chicago’s “Food Industry News” | FOHBOH Featured Blogger | 30-Year Hospitality Industry Veteran | Private, Public, and Government Operations | Owner-Operator | Nightclub Impresario | President | Regional Director | General Manager

Chase LeBlanc is the founder and CEO of High Impact Hospitality LLC and the originator of the powerful Leadagersmanagement training program. He is a food and beverage industry expert with almost thirty years of experience in the ownership, openings, operations, management, and turnarounds of high-volume restaurant and nightclub concepts. Chase’s vast food and beverage expertise has driven a variety of establishments to success:

Leading and Managing

  • Leading training stores
  • Fine dining establishments
  • High-volume theme restaurants
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Quick-service and fast casual restaurants
  • Night clubs/dance clubs
  • Comedy clubs
  • Dueling piano bars
  • Full-service catering operations
  • Pizzerias
  • High-volume sport’s bars
  • Live music showrooms
  • Retail stores and gift shops
  • Fast-food concessions
  • Banquet facilities
  • High-volume arcades

Chase has led independent, publicly-traded, and government (AAFES) food, beverage, and retail facilities. He has a track record of developing strong leadership talent and building sales and profits in multi-unit restaurant operations.

Chase LeBlanc’s Path to Success as a Well-Known and Respected Food and Beverage Management Expert

Chase began his career as a Food and Beverage Management Expert as many hope to wind up — as a successful entrepreneur and owner of a nightclub development and management company. In 1980, at the age of twenty-one and fueled by creative, entrepreneurial inspiration and drive (combined with albeit minimal experience), Chase opened what quickly became the hottest nightclub in Boulder, CO, one of the premier party towns in the USA.

Thirty years later, after successfully selling that business and serving in virtually every leadership role in the hospitality industry, including President, Regional Manager, Multi-Unit Manager, and General Manager, Chase is now the CEO of one of the most innovative, boutique consulting firms serving the global hospitality and food service industries, High Impact Hospitality LLC, which focuses on the significant improvement of organizational performance and profitability through the step-by-step, values-based transformation of key carriers into torch carriers.

Chase LeBlanc’s Path to Success as a Well-Known and Respected Author

Additionally, Chase has recently authored a Ken Blanchard-endorsed book for the hospitality industry, High Impact Hospitality: Upgrade Your Purpose, Performance, and Profits.

Having gained his extensive food and beverage management expertise by working on both sides of the hospitality management/leadership – ownership coin, Chase knows what it takes to succeed — and the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. He has earned his hard-won wisdom, and shares a seasoned hospitality insider’s perspective in the book. Chase also offers a power plan to help any individual or group improve their purpose, performance, and profits.

Chase is a columnist (“The Staffing Doctor”) for Hotel F&B magazine and Chicago’s Food Industry News, as well as a frequent blogger for the hospitality and food service industry. In addition, he has been a contributing writer for (and been featured in) the following publications: Cheers, F&B, Food Service News, Hot Spots America, Military Club & Hospitality, Nation’s Restaurant News, Night Club & Bar, and Top Shelf.  

Chase LeBlanc’s Success as a Well-Known and Respected Motivational Speaker

Chase, a highly-recognized food and beverage management expert, is an accomplished motivational speaker and trainer on the subject of food and beverage leadership and management. He addresses large trade show crowds as well as company-wide employees and management teams.

Chase is known for his strong, expressive communication skills and the innate ability to translate insightful understanding into effective action. He is a respected leader well-known among his peers for his cool-under-pressure demeanor and his unique and effective leadership style. Chase has produced and conducted hundreds of motivational and departmental seminars and has trained scores of food and beverage employees.

Chase lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and three children.


Chase LeBlanc’s Specialties

  • Corporate Training
  • Foodservice and Hospitality Performance Forensics Methodology
  • LeadagersManager-Leader Development
  • Foodservice and Hospitality Cultural Transformation
  • Food and Beverage Management Expert
  • Food and Beverage Operations Expert
  • Hospitality Leadership Development
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Management Training
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Development
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Performance
  • Management Coach
  • Leadership Development Consulting
  • Business Consultant for Start-Ups
  • Food Service (F&B) Expert
  • Plate-Spinning
  • Restaurant and Hospitality Profits