Hotel F&B Magazine December 2011 | Review of “High-Impact Hospitality”

Book Review: “High-Impact Hospitality” by Chase LeBlanc

Recommended for anyone making a career in hospitality or wishing to take their employees to a higher level.
Hotel F&B professionals who want to increase both their compensation and career satisfaction should read High Impact Hospitality by Chase LeBlanc, HOTEL F&B’s “Staffing Doctor.” This is a marvelous read: funny yet wise, inspiring but practical, combining LeBlanc’s considerable hands-on hotel experience with sound gut instincts.

He begins by defining the two key roles every F&B pro should strive to fill, those of manager and leader, explaining how they are different and complementary. He calls people who have achieved this dual competence “Leadagers.” These professionals are adept at both “hard” management tasks such as cost control and scheduling and also excel at “soft,” almost artful, ways of thinking and acting for the good of themselves and their “tribe” (as he refers to the entire staff).

So how does one become a Leadager? LeBlanc weaves these hard and soft objectives together throughout the book. In “Make More Dough,” he lists several creative ways to increase your value, such as being a sunshine-maker, a business mechanic, a shepherd, a trustee, etc. In “Duality Maze,” he talks of organizational realities and pitfalls, how to avoid working for buffoons, and dealing with management’s often relentless push for performance and profitability.

Throughout the book, LeBlanc establishes his credentials through experiences, beginning as a 16-year old dishwasher, becoming a bar owner at age 21, then proceeding through the managerial ranks at various hotel chains and as a multi-unit operator for a national restaurant chain. He is now CEO of Leadagers LLC, a hospitality consulting business providing professional development tailored for hotels and restaurants. He can be contacted at 303-997-9328, —ADS

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