”There are lessons for the entry-level manager just getting his or her feet wet and for GM’s, in addition to platforms for Training and HR professionals to give their programs some real world context.”  Ted Williams, Regional Director, Delaware North Companies

High Impact Hospitality Management and Leadership Keynote Seminars, Workshops, and Breakout Sessions for Your Next Company Event / Manager Conference

 I hear it all the time — last year your organization spent $12,000-15,000 on a keynote speaker who seemed like they would be great…except they had never worked a day in the hospitality industry. And, as such, you never realized any uptick in the performance, motivation or profits of your employees. What you paid for was entertainment — not an investment in your organization’s future.

Chase LeBlanc’s Breakout Sessions, Workshops and Seminars will Bring a Fresh Perspective and Practical Takeaways to Guide Your Audience to Improved Purpose and Performance

Events featuring hospitality keynote speaker, Chase LeBlanc, as the main event or as a workshop facilitator are high-energy, informative, motivational, and practical developmental experiences for your managers or students. Chase’s passionate, charismatic, insightful, interactive, and candid approach will capture and hold the attention of audience members, and will provide many “aha” moments.

Presentations are customized to your audience/event in terms of length, content, and the needs of your organization/audience, including: – 45 minute keynotes – 90 minute keynotes/interactive sessions – Half-day interactive seminar/workshop format – Full-day interactive seminar/workshop format.

Chase is not merely an academic, or a “motivational” speaker who has never worked in the industry. Rather, he has personally run training stores and regions and has addressed thousands of employees and managers.  He delivers his messages with relate-ability, passion, humor, and first-hand experience and expertise.

High Impact Hospitality Programs

1) Chase’s core program is based upon the powerful Leadager™ concept — Manager + Leader = Lead-ager — detailed in his highly-endorsed book, High Impact Hospitality: Upgrade Your Purpose, Performance and Profits. Praise for Leadagers™:

“LeBlanc is an entertaining storyteller, succinctly detailing the necessary skills to be a “leadager.” His clarity of concept and his wealth of real, hands-on personal experience make this a MUST for industry managers and leaders at all levels.” Wendy Harkness, SVP, Human Resources, Advantage Waypoint

“A wide-ranging view of the restaurant industry and what it takes to succeed in its most critical link: manager. From there Mr. LeBlanc teaches what separates an everyday manager from a leader, and how to achieve the coveted role of leadager.” Lane Cardwell, Former President and CEO, PF Chang’s and Boston Market

“It’s a rally cry for authentic leadership, and a wake up call to those who are lost in their job description. As an industry professional, I know that managers who lead with a combination of operational and emotional intelligence bring tremendous value to a restaurant. Understanding how to balance people and process, that is the definition of a Leadager. Chase LeBlanc has written the first of what I hope will become a series on how to cultivate this new breed of restaurant rock stars.” Michael Biesemeyer, Founder, Bottle Cru

“The concept of creating a new breed of “Leadagers” — individuals who from the get-go have the personal and professional training needed for adequate management and leadership development carries with it the potential to be ground-breaking and industry-changing.” Kristi LeBlanc, EVP and Managing Director, DHR International Executive Search

2) Ten Powerful New Ways (plus a few more) to Engage, Energize and Enlighten Today’s Managers!

3) Story-Telling For Business – Your Most Neglected Asset in Cultural Transformation – How to Turn Your Organization’s Facts and History into a Narrative to Inspire Your External and Internal Customers. “The key to a great launch is to tell a great story.” ~ Guy Kawasaki, author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions

Keynotes, Workshops & Break-Out Sessions

High Impact Hospitality Keynote Seminars, Workshops, and Break-Out Sessions engage your audience on the subjects of guest-focused management, leadership, customer experience, service expectations, and employee engagement. All program content is customized to meet your desired event outcomes.

Our customization process can include:

  • Initial meeting to define needs, theme, objectives, and desired outcomes/goals
  • Site visits to better understand audience/organization, and to personalize the presentation
  • Customized audio and visual messages
  • Customized marketing messages to pique interest and to be included in websites/intranet, newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Participation in media interviews to support the event or create buzz
  • Discounted pricing of books – High Impact Hospitality: Upgrade Your Purpose, Performance and Profits
  • Book signing at the event
  • Complimentary post-event webinar hosted by Chase LeBlanc



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