About One-on-One Leadagers Development

Leadagers achieve better results, enjoy more promotions, and make more money.

After almost thirty years in the hospitality industry, Chase LeBlanc has lived all sides of the owner/operator/manager/leader experience. His professional experience encompasses nearly every type of service-style and day-part within the hospitality industry. Managers who have partnered with Chase have won numerous company awards, received rapid promotions, and have become owners in their own right.

In fact, due to the success he had with his managers, Chase wrote a highly-acclaimed book specifically for hospitality managers and leaders. High Impact Hospitality: Upgrade Your Purpose, Performance and Profits is an authentic account of a true hospitality management insiders’ experiences. It is chock full of advice, wisdom, anecdotes, and escapades. High Impact Hospitality is a goldmine of essential hospitality wisdom, virtually all of which is applicable to everyone working in the hospitality industry.

One-On-One Leadagers Development:

Whether you are a hospitality or foodservice manager who approaches us directly to improve your own performance and potential, or you are a corporation contacting us on behalf of an individual manager in need of development, our One-On-One Leadagers development approach is consistent. We develop and mentor individuals to become the most complete, well-rounded hospitality Leadagers possible. We work with you on your most pressing developmental needs, but rest assured that we will also work with you on the basics to:

  • Develop leadership credibility, impact, and presence – includes influence, motivation, and communication skills needed when dealing with all levels of organization
  • Develop ability to manage multiple priorities and drive improvement/change
  • Align your personal style with business priorities, culture, goals, expections
  • Develop abilty to inspire and motivate your team to achieve business expectations and goals, while instilling committment and loyalty

Would you like to lead with more credibility and inspiration? Would you like to have more influence over your team? Would you like to have a head start, a leg up, or a power boost for your career? Would you like to excel ahead of your peers? Would you like to maximize your potential? Would you like to enjoy more victories than defeats? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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“Chase is a great leader; he created a culture that empowered our team to be successful. His knowledge of the industry is extensive. Chase has a keen understanding of what it takes to be successful in today’s highly competitive environment. He, more than anyone I know, can turn potential into reality. The things Chase has taught me about myself, life and the hospitality business are invaluable.”

TB – General Manager

“Chase LeBlanc has been a great mentor and is an esteemed professional. His vision for business, opportunity, and ethics is impeccable. He teaches managers to be leaders in the true definition of the word.

RR – Assistant Manager who became a G M

“I have trouble coming up with a more professional, fair, ethical, hard working, and motivating individual than Chase LeBlanc. I have learned a great deal from his experience in the business. His focus on development and training keeps everyone including himself, in a consistent state of growth.

JA – Manager/Entertainment Director

“Chase LeBlanc is the most professional, goal-oriented teacher and coach I know. He has helped me increase my value as a manager and a person… The communication skills and leadership abilities that Chase possesses can help guide a diverse group of people to reach any goals set forth/

RW – Assistant Manager, who became a GM, now owns his own chain of restaurants.

“It is Chase LeBlanc’s dedication to quality and drive for excellence that sets him apart from so many others. His management goals can take properties to new levels.”

JH – Area Marketing Manager who became a GM

“Chase has been my mentor with guidance, patience, a positive attitude, kindness, consideration, understanding and great professional awareness of customers and employees. His leadership is that of a first-rate coach. I have never worked with such a great leader as Chase LeBlanc.”

SB – Lead Host who became a manager

“By creating useful tools such as department mission statements, self-management cards, core values, a management mind-set and in house seminars, Chase can lead teams to accomplish goals. He always demonstrates professionalism, respect and an ongoing commitment to high standards. He has positively influenced my personal growth.”

JM – Assistant Manager who became a GM

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