Wake Up Restaurant and Hospitality Managers! It’s Time to Become “Leadagers”

Management is universally viewed as a type of work.  Sure, you can get a job as a restaurant manager.  But, rarely, if ever, is one hired as an assistant “leader”.  Whether you view the job of manager as being indispensable or reprehensible, you would likely agree that most people working under the job title of “manager” don’t alter the arc of history during the course of a career.  To my knowledge, there is no Manager Hall of Fame.  However, based on the sheer number of individuals working in the job of manager, it is obvious that collectively they most assuredly move the dial of progress.

Leadership is a role. You can be first, best or the last one standing. If you’re lucky, leadership should be top-down, bottom-up, even sideways, and no matter the scope or style, great leadership exists on small, medium, and large scales.

If you are hired as a manager or cast as a leader, soon you will find that great leadership always gets the sugar (money, power, respect, better jobs). Great leadership can quicken the transformation from losers to winners, no matter how you keep score. Great leadership shines a light that can invigorate or rejuvenate. Great leadership can wipe away today’s pain or panic by focusing efforts toward a better tomorrow. Great leaders get more sugar because they bring forth the best chance to achieve success from plans, hopes, and dreams.

Management is usually a job, leadership is a role, and you can be accomplished at both. If they are done well simultaneously, that is a “leadagers” legacy.

It may be in vain but I offer the use of a “smashword” in order to clarify some of the confusion that currently inhibits a positive change in leadership practice and application.

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